Friday, March 31, 2006

...Do You Got A Boo-Boo?...

Has the bandage made it all better? Until you have to pull the darn thing off, that is. Well here are a couple of things I learned to help you remove adhesive bandages painlessly. The first two tips are courtesy of a school nurse, and the last one is from Ed Watson, corporate spokesman for Johnson & Johnson.

* Use a tiny pair of scissors to separate the bandage part from the adhesive sections. Pull it gently away from your scrape. Then remove the adhesive strips.

* If your scab is stuck to the bandage, soak the area in a mixture of warm water and salt- about a teaspoon of salt to a gallon of water. Have patience. The dressing will eventually let go.

* If the bandage is stuck on your forearm, leg, or chest hair, pull in the direction of hair growth, says Watson. Use a cotton swab saturated in baby oil or rubbing alcohol to moisten the adhesive fully before pulling away from skin.

I truly hope these tips help. When it comes to boo-boo's and bandages theres not much else you can do.

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Sunday, March 26, 2006

...Bladder Infections...

I would say about 90% of all women who get a bladder infection will discover that with the first or second antibiotic pill the bacteria causing the infection is gone. Yet that doesn't mean the infection is gone though. Thats why the symptoms will continue for about two to four days.
* Be sure to continue taking your antibiotics until their all gone.
* Also drink cranberry juice and fruta vida juice this will rid you of that deep burn when you use the bathroom.

Now there are also signs of something very serious to be aware of with bladder infections. If any of these things occur please go back to your doctor immediately.

* Nausea or vomiting
* Pain in your flank or lower back
* Fever
* Blood in the urine

If any of the above show up with a bladder infection female or male, please be safe. See your doctor because these things can also be the signs of Cancer.

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Friday, March 24, 2006

...Menstrual Problems...

Hello Lady's this is a short health tip note. I have found something natural that works great for cramping, bloating and moodiness prior and during "that time of the month".
As a matter of fact this all natural product works at ridding your body of accumulated toxins. Yet it gets even better. You don't even have to eat or drink it. All you do is put a little pad called a KinoTox on the bottom of your feet while you sleep at night. Simple, you bet. Worth taking the time to do so each night. Just don't take my word for it though visit here to learn more.

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Sunday, March 19, 2006

...Misleading Products...

This has come to my attention while surfing the net, and really is scarry. I have found that there are a large number of sites making some very health hazardous claims. If you come accross a site offering products that are claiming to protect you from, prevent, or treat you for bioterrorism related agents like anthrax, chemical agents and biological agents please, please run away. These products have no scientific basis or backing to show that these products actually work or protect you. Much less any proof that they work to help your health at all. They're just playing on peoples fear to sell their products and make a quick buck, and thats not only dangerous but plain wrong as well.
The only tip I can give you for this type of health hazard is:

* Don't just make an appointment with your doctor if you think or believe you have been exposed to any of the agents above. Get to your doctor or nearest hospital so fast your head spins around. This is not something you can prevent, treat or cure with home or natural remedies. Because these agents are not natural.

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Thursday, March 16, 2006

...Arthritis "Lose Weight"...

There really isn't one magic food or diet that's going to do away with arthritis pain, "But if you're overweight and you lose weight, it will reduce a significant amount of the stress and pain you feel in your spinal column, knees, hips, ankles, and feet." The reason for this is the more overweight you are, the more stress and pressure you place on your joints. In turn this increases the stress on the cartilage, which interferes with the bone, thus increasing inflammation, swelling, and pain.


Your best solution is to work with your doctor or nutritionist to find a diet that works for you, and stick to it. Also drinking Fruta vida juice will help to.

Asprin- not to swallow, but to melt down in a little water and rubbed into the painful areas.

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Monday, March 13, 2006

...Stress and Eating...

Is stess eating you up, or are you eating due to stress. I have found that most people under a lot of stress will lose hair, get pimples, get hives, break out in shingles, but most of all will eat, and eat lots of junk food. Yuk! "Why would anyone want to hurt their bodies this way?"
Hives and Shingles are rare. The lose of hair and shingles run a close tie, but eating tops all of them 100% of the time. Stress is a major problem in the USA today, and most people won't even admit to being under stress, and those that do are taking drugs that they have to take another drug to counter act the first drug. It has become just as unreal as unreal can get. I'm beginning to think that our top goal today is how fast can we kill ourselves with ignorance. This use to be funny, but not anymore when I'm seeing younger and younger people dying needlessly each year. So take the time to read these tips and put them to good use.

1. Exercise, even if it's a short brisk walk each day.

2. Drink plenty of filtered water.

3. In place of all that junk food, eat fresh fruit and veggie's. Raw is best, just wash them well.

4. Sometimes eating ice instead of food between meals help.

5. When it gets really bad, set aside about an hour each evening to lay down and relax, clearing your mind and just not think of anything.

To top all this off remember that you are in control of your own body and what you do to it. So don't let stress control you. You see to it that you control it.

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Monday, March 06, 2006

...Corns and Calluses...

These ugly little bumps and lumps are a trash heap of discarded dead skin cells. They develop from friction and irritation between your feet and your shoes or even between adjacent bones on the same foot.
A Calluse is your body's way of protecting you from pressure. When there is extreme pressure the calluse will get thicker and thicker. If it develops a hard core, it becomes a corn. You can live with a calluse a lot easier than you can with a corn. Corns can be painful and will ruin a wonderful day. Try some of these tips to start your day if you are suffering from corns and calluses.

1. Resist the temptation to pare down corns and calluses with a razor blade, scissors, or any other sharp instruments. This could lead to infections and worse.

2. Enjoy a good soak in Epsom salts and warm water.

3. Try to avoid putting tight shoes on your feet.

4. Use a pumice stone to lightly abrade the area and rub off the top layers of skin after a good soak.

5. Use about 5 asprin in your soak water to soften really tough calluses.

Using these corn and calluses tips is the most comfortable natural way to maintain healthy feet.

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Thursday, March 02, 2006

...Can You Turn Back The Clock...

I have found that fitness in many ways makes aging irrelevant. The human body and it's components---bones, muscle, metabolism and cardiovascular system play a big part in turning back the clock. The better condition they're in, the less likely age can prey on them. The most powerful tool to protect and improve the above components is exercise. The most vulnerable areas that exercise helps protect are:

1. Bone. It thins with inactivity and age, usually leading to osteoporosis.

2. Muscle. It withers away at a rapid pace as we start to get older.

3. Metabolism. Slows, slows and slows as the body shifts to less muscle and more flab.

4. Joints. Then when surrounding muscles have become weak, the excess weight causes strain, and inactivity restricts motion.

Exercise can and will prevent all of the above. Yes you can turn back the clock with exercise. Adding to that the more immediate benefits are lower blood pressure, healthier cholesterol levels and improved management of blood sugar levels. This alone should give you a strong reason to exercise into a healthy sweat every day. Then of course theres the most obvious excuse: A slimmer, shapelier, and firmer figure that this will produce. So stop reading, and lets get busy exercising, eating nutritionally, and drinking filtered water. Who knows maybe the ticks on that clock will stop tocking so fast.

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