Sunday, March 19, 2006

...Misleading Products...

This has come to my attention while surfing the net, and really is scarry. I have found that there are a large number of sites making some very health hazardous claims. If you come accross a site offering products that are claiming to protect you from, prevent, or treat you for bioterrorism related agents like anthrax, chemical agents and biological agents please, please run away. These products have no scientific basis or backing to show that these products actually work or protect you. Much less any proof that they work to help your health at all. They're just playing on peoples fear to sell their products and make a quick buck, and thats not only dangerous but plain wrong as well.
The only tip I can give you for this type of health hazard is:

* Don't just make an appointment with your doctor if you think or believe you have been exposed to any of the agents above. Get to your doctor or nearest hospital so fast your head spins around. This is not something you can prevent, treat or cure with home or natural remedies. Because these agents are not natural.

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