Saturday, July 22, 2006

...Blocked Coronary Arteries...

Blocked coronary arteries that under go balloon angioplasty seem to have a problem with just closing back up again about six months after the operation. Which is a bummer when you look at the cost of such an operation. So how do you make your angioplasty last and keep your arteries open? Well according to the doctors at the Laval University and the Quebec Heart Institute it's really easy to do. The key is fish oil, taking 15 fish-oil capsules daily for about three weeks before an angioplasty, and for about 6 months after does the trick.

Yet to maintain good healthy open arteries to prevent ever having to have an angioplasty is even better. Also very simple to do as well. Make fish part of your weekly diet. Three severings a week of about 7 and a half ounces of fish should do it.

I'm eating my share for sure. After seeing what an angiplasty did to a friend of my Mom, I never want to have to even go there. So yes fish has become a staple in my home. From tuna to broiled salmon and lots of other sea-food as well.

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