Thursday, July 06, 2006


Did you know earaches are worse at night. Plugged eustachian tubes which lead from the back of the throat to the middle ear are the most common cause of earache.
As you chew and swallow, and are sitting up durring the day the muscles of the eustachian tubes contract, openning them and allowing air into the middle ear. But at night when you sleep, things change. You fall asleep feeling good with no pain, but those tubes are no longer draining naturally, and your not swallowing as often. Which means they aren't getting as much air. So you wake around midnight feeling like you are being stabbed in the ear by a hot poker.
Other things that can cause earaches as well are swimmers ear, infections, atmospheric pressure from airplane travel, and also deep-sea diving.
Well when your ears ache it's good to see your doctor, but until you get there, try these few tips to help lessen the pain.

1. If you can prop your head up slightly while you sleep to get better drainage.
2. Put warm mineral or baby oil drops in the offending ear. CAUTION: Never drop any kind of liquid into your ear if you think the ear drum may be punctured or ruptured.
3. Yawn - It moves the muscle that opens the eustachian tube even better than chewing gum or sucking on mints will. Relieving a whole lot of pressure and pain.

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