Friday, June 16, 2006


Let one of these little sacs of fluid called bursae stop working, and you'll know just how painful the condition called bursitis really is. You have 8 of these little sacs around each shoulder, 11 around each knee, and as many as 78 on each side of the body.
What these little sacs called bursae do is ensure the smooth, frictionless working of the body's many joints. Compared with joint diseases like arthritis, bursitis is an ugly stepsister waiting for a meaner than mean. So here is some tried-and-true tips that may bring tempory relief from this painful condition.

1. Rest- The first thing you do with any joint pain is rest that thing.
2. Immobilize and Ice- 10 minutes of ice, 10 minutes of rest. As long as the joint is hot do not apply heat.
3. Attract relief with opposites- If the heat is gone and the pain or swelling are not terribly acute try a combination treatment. 10 minutes of heat then 10 minutes of ice and so on.
4. Count on OTC'S- An appropriate anti-inflammatory medication as long as your not allergic, Asprin is still the best.
5. Become a swinger- If it's the elbow or shoulder try bending forward and supporting yourself with your good arm and hand on a chair. Allow the painful arm to drop downward, then swing this arm back and forth, side to side, and finally in circles both clockwise and counterclockwise.

Now for myself all of these help, but I found that a capsule of ten works best. A time capsule that is, ten days at a time or more. All depending on how bad the injury is. It will take time to heal.

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