Monday, June 05, 2006

...Chronic Back Pain...

For some people, back pain is an everyday event in their daily life. For whatever reason, it has decided to linger for what seems like an eternity. This recurring pain is called Chronic Back Pain. Where just about any little movement can set it in motion. These few tips are particulary helpful for chronic back pain suffers.

1. Lumber up - Which means get rid of the sag in the middle of your bed while you sleep. A piece of plywood between the mattress and the box spring works great.

2. For a natural anti-inflammatory, try some white willow bark. It can be found in capsule form in health food stores. Best taken after a meal.

3. Drown pain with a waterbed - One that is adjustable and doesn't make a lot of waves. In waterbeds you get equalized change in the pressure on various parts of your body, so you can lie in one position all night.

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