Wednesday, May 24, 2006

...Attention All Visiting Marketers...

An Awesome Contest:
The prizes are hard to beat. To be entered just join our team of Internet Marketers at Click Voyager and we will enter your name to earn entries in the contest for the following two prizes:
1. Month End: 10,000 visitors to your site of choice, 100 opt-in email leads per day for a month and an advertisement email will be sent to 2500 opt-in leads as well.

2. Year End: 1,000,000 visitors to the site of your choice, 100 leads per day for a year and a monthly email to 2500 leads plus more to be announced as we get closer to the date of contest end, which will be May 5th of next year 2007.

To find out more about the contest and even more visit the forum below:

To get started on your entry into the contest visit and join here below:

To Your Health and Wealth,


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