Friday, August 19, 2005

Healthy Network Marketing

Network Marketing is just that. Building a network of friends and places you can trust. I like to call it building a community. The difference is you are building a community all online. Just take a long look around the community you live in. Mr. Bill who lives next door owns and operates your favorite place to buy gas and get your morning jolt of coffee on your way to work each morning. Maybe your friend Jane/John owns a book store a couple of blocks away, where you find your favorite reading material. Well Network Marketing is like that when you create a community online. You have your favorite traffic generating sites, your discount book store sites, health products, hosting, office supplies, etc...etc...Then you have your own site which of course is linked to all the others listed here. This is your community buying from you and selling to you as needed or desired. Is this easy to do? Not always, it can take time and constant maintanence. Yet well worth it. Just relax enjoy building your community and it will start to pay-off in the long run.

To Your Health and Wealth,
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