Monday, July 25, 2005

Is A Home Business Worth Your Time?

For me it is when I consider the alternatives.
A Job working for someone else.
Christmas morning, missing my kids tear into presents.
Missed my Son's football game, maybe next time.
Maintenance on the rust bucket I drive is eating me alive, yet can not afford to buy another car.
Annual job performance review, Yeah I worked hard I should get something good. Wrong, very little financial reward to show for your efforts.
Must shop by "price sticker" rather than by style that looks good on me.
I have to always say, if we get this then we cannot have this.
So why is it so hard to start and run a home business?
I will tell you what is real difficult...
Realizing it is too late, and that time frittered away can never be retrieved. It slips by one second at a time.
Most of us wake up to late. Phrases like "I wished I had only,"... "If I could only have that time back," etc.
Is starting a profitable business really difficult?
Is it so traumatic to show someone an exciting product or idea?
Would you work real hard for a year or two so you wouldn't have to live as you do now?
Can you identify the words "next time"?
How many "next times" will you have?
Please realize the awesome power you have in your hands with a home business.
It can not do anything. But YOU can change lives with It.
YOU are the one with the life changing ability. What are you waiting for?
What will it take?
You will pay a price for your actions. Which one do you choose to pay?
I hope to hear your thoughts on this.

To Your Health and Wealth,
Staying Healthy_Staying Home_Making Money and so can you at


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