Monday, August 01, 2005

A Cold or The Flu?

How do you tell if you have just a bad cold or the Flu? Just asking a few Doctors the answer became easy. According to doctors there is a comparison of common symptoms and the differences between them, depending on whether they are caused by a cold or the flu.
Fever. With flu, it's characteristic and comes on suddenly: with a cold fever is rare.
Headache. Rare with a cold but a prominent symptom of the flu.
General aches. With the flu are usually and often severe; they are slight with a cold.
Fatigue. Fatigue is extreme with the flu and can last up to three weeks; a cold will leave you slightly
or mildly fatigued.
Runny nose. Is more common with a cold, and rare with the flu.
Sore throat. Only sometimes with the flu; but very common with a cold.
Cough. Common with flu and can become very severe; a cold will only bring you a hacking or mild cough.
Although the flu has many strains, if you are very young or 65 and over it is best to get your flu shots.
For those of us in between drink Fruta Vida juice it helps fight colds/flu with all it's wonderful health properties.

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