Tuesday, August 16, 2005


Hello everyone. I don't know about you guys but I have been hearing a lot about blasters. Is anyone really having any luck with those things? I won't name the one I tried, but I got a big fat Zero hits to my website. I wish I would have read my email sooner to. I have a friend that is testing these things and most are giving him a zero hit. I just wish there was more honesty online today. To many people are being taken by so many scams, it's a wonder that the honest businesses can keep afloat online. If something isn't done about the scams soon though they won't be able to. People are just not going to want to risk their money anymore on anything. Me I'm staying with the few that I know are really honest, and actually pay you for your efforts. If you want to visit them and see if they are for you to just click these links: http://www.frutavida.com/2248481 , and http://www.i-got-paid.com/?ref=1600 , http://www.surf-and-earn.com/?ref=320 , and last but not least is http://www.reflectionsptr.com/pages/confirm.php?refid=charmedu I must say each of these actually do as they say they will, and it's why I stick to them. I enjoy their honesty and their hard work at keeping satified customers. So give these a try and stop stressing the small stuff.

To Your Health and Wealth,
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