Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Team work?

Have you ever wondered where all the support goes when you start an online marketing business? Oh! and how the stress builds as you max out credit cards and savings if you have any. I have been there. It's one of the reasons I take Fruta Vida juice to help with that stress. Then I decided I was going to do the business end of Fruta Vida as well. It's given to you free with your order of juice, so I thought why not? Then I got to thinking how I would run my Fruta Vida business. I decided to build a team that I could help support by helping them build their team to. You know show them or tell them what I am doing, that they can do to to build their teams. Tell them which tools to use that are working for me, get to know them, and the goals they wish to reach, and why. Just show them that I really want them to succeed as much as I want to. I figure then maybe we could finally beat the 95% failure rate in online marketing. If you want to join me, then don't be shy. Help me build a team of winners.

To Your Health and Wealth,
Staying Healthy_Staying Home_Making Money and so can you at http://frutavida4u.com/marys


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