Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Leagal Drug Pushers...

Yeah you heard me. Leagal drug pushers. Everyday I hear more and more commercails about some new drug. They now have a commercail for just about every drug on the market, or what you can get from your Doctor. Have you taken the time to listen to what the side affects are with some of these drugs. My favorite is the one to help you stop smoking. One of it's side affects grabbed my attention, and got my imagination so into to swing, I now can't remember the name of the drug. What really gets me thou is that people actually run to the store or their doctor to get these drugs. Most end up being pulled from the shelves because they are killing people. Some stay on the shelves because they don't kill very many. Wow! what not many? Why can't they just try and stick to the natural stuff, like plants, and roots, etc... That this great world of ours already provides for us. Oh! Yeah! take this drug and you will stop smoking, but then you will flop around all over the place and might even die from taking this drug to stop smoking. Talk about your killer cure. Me? I think I'll stick with Fruta Vida. It's all natural and won't make you flop around or kill you for taking it to help you stop smoking. Fruta Vida worked just fine for a friend of mine. This man smoked all his adult life. His kids grew up never seeing him without a smoke in his mouth. Just taking Fruta Vida juice he managed to quit in just a few short months, and healthier to boot, not half dead from side affects from some drug, That a leagal drug pusher was pushing on a TV commercail.

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