Saturday, July 30, 2005

Stressed Out...Tired All The Time...

It seems to be a common problem these days. Here lately just about everyone I talk to is either stressed out or just to pooped to get up and go. A friend and I were debating whether it was caused by this heat or if it was poor nutrition. I say nutrition, she says heat. She said it can't be nutrition, look at how over weight people are. They get plenty to eat. We don't always get this kind heat thou, so it must be that. I countered with. If it's the heat, then why were people tired and stressed out this last winter, and as far as people being over weight thats caused by a poor diet to begin with. In the end she agreed with me. It's poor nutrition. We eat fast foods daily, we eat forced grown or ripened foods daily, and we eat loads of processed foods. To be honest none of it is good nutrition. If people don't stop and look at the causes of all this stress and lack of energy, we are all going to turn into a bunch of sluggish rolly pollies. Find something to replace your bodies nutritients if you don't want to change your diet. It's what my friend and I did. We are not stressed out all the time, and have loads of energy. We have also lost weight and sleep restful sleep each night. We drink just four oz.'s of Fruta Vida juice durring the day, and we are enjoying our lives again. If you don't want Fruta Vida then find something else that fits you, but do something. It just would have to be better than the way you feel now.

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