Tuesday, August 09, 2005

The Greatest Health Tip In The World

The Greatest Health tip in the world is nothing more than an amazing juice called Fruta Vida. It's made from what the best of the Amazon Rainforest has to offer. Consuming these three ingredients that are in Fruta Vida is your bodies best defense against premature aging, and your best defense against disease. They are called:

The Acai berry - It is a palm tree that grows throughout the Amazon Basin. It is a small dark purple fruit, about the size of a grape. What Acai does for you:
1. Skin becomes youthful, and healthier - looking.
2. You will have improved circulation to the extremities.
3. Healthier eyes, and better night vision.
4. Increased energy and vitality.
5. Resistance to colds/flu and disease.

Then the Cupuacu fruit - This cantaloupe size fruit is of the chocolate family. Like chocolate, these fruits are filled with creamy, delicious pulp from which juice is made. What does Cupuacu do for you?
1. Increased ability to fight disease and cancer.
2. More youthful and healthier - looking skin and hair.
3. Lower Cholesterol levels.
4. Increased libido and stamina.
5. A cell - protective antioxidant cocktail.

The last one is called Yerba Mate - The Green Tea of South America. This last plant is of the evergreen family and the leaves and stems of this tree are used to produce a tea. Many, many people drink Yerba mate teas as a healthful alternative to coffee. It's benefits are:
1. More energy and vitality.
2. Increased fat burning and weight loss.
3. Increased mental awareness and elevated mood.
4. Less unhealthy cravings.
5. Increased ability to fight off disease.

Now do you see why Fruta Vida is the Worlds Greatest Health Tip. Come the 10th of August the USA will be hearing about Fruta Vida Nation wide. If you want to know more, or get ahead of the jet stream then visit this site at http://www.frutavida.com/2248481 and get your juice to start living like you should be again.

To Your Health and Wealth,
Staying Healthy_Staying Home_Making Money and you can to at http://frutavida4u.com/marys


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