Friday, August 05, 2005

FAT Blood!

It's bad enough when your over weight, and now you have your doctor telling you that even your blood is fat! as well. Actually thats not exactly what he or she said, but may as well have. When your cholesterol levels are high, you've got to much of a mushy, yellow, fat-related substance circulating in your bloodstream. If the excess builds up on artery walls, it can clog them and block the blood flow. We all know what that could possibly lead to. Heart attack, Stroke, etc...
Some things you can do to help counter Cholesterol.
1. Be full of beans.
2. Eat more fruit.
3. Tea or more precisely tennins found in it.
4. Lemongrass oil - a commonly found flavoring in Oriental cooking.
5. Fruta Vida Juice. Which contains South American green tea called Yerba Mate. It is very high in tannins and other bad cholesterol fighting properties.

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