Sunday, July 17, 2005

Absense Makes The Heart Pine...

I know I have only been away just a couple of short days. Gee thou...I still missed my blogging. Now that my computer is no longer having hick-up fits, I have a great tip for all you Asthma sufferers.
Did you know that you can cause an Asthma attack with your car air conditioner? "Yes indeed"... If you run the AC with it set that draws in outside air and cools it. Outside air can bring in pollen, and cool pollinated air is bad for asthma. So set your AC on the recirculate or maximum setting, which won't bring in the pollen. I hope this helps.
Now as for PC's I haven't a tip 1---No Sir, I am just glad my Husband knows what he's doing when it comes to the PC, or I would have been missing my blogging for a lot longer than two days. For the warning...I will be back again.

To Your Health and Wealth,
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