Saturday, July 09, 2005

Good Morning, After-noon, And Evening...

Heartburn. This little, big thing, I have been getting just thinking about the latest terror attack upon London. My acid reflux is fired up now. I have made myself calm down thou. Even still my handy antiacids are not working when the burn sets in. So I've cut back on the caffeine intake, and I'm taking a few extra ounces of Fruta Vida juice. Lo and behold it's working. I think it's because Fruta Vida juice also releaves stress, and if a terror attack no matter where it's at doesn't cause a USA citizen a little stress after 9/11, and now London to. Then that person has nerves of steel. This has really confirmed my belief in Fruta Vida, and the passion I have for it. It has also helped releave some of the depression that was starting to set in with this nightmare that has just been hanging in our lives for to long now. I'm glad this juice isn't addictive or I'd be an addict by now.

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Blogger Just Wandering said...

Hi Mary, thanks for checking out my blog and leaving a comment. In response to your comment, although Desert Storm was not officially a "war on terror" I think it at least played a part in the lead up the 911. Consider this...

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