Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Cholesterol Problems?

"Cholesterol Problems"

Did you know that there is Bad Cholesterol and Good Cholesterol.
Dietary Cholesterol is what's contained in food, this is mostly of animal orgin. Like an egg has 275 milligrams, and an apple has none. The American Heart Association recommends that you limit your daily intake to 300 milligrams.
Serum Cholesterol is found in your bloodstream. This is what Doctors measure with a Cholesterol test. Most desire a reading of under 200.
HDL (High-density lipoprotein) Cholesterol is your Good Cholesterol. It's good for Artery-scouring. The higher your HDL the better.
LDL (Low-density lipoprotein) Cholesterol is HDL's evil twin. It clog's your Arteries. The lower the better. Now keeping LDL low is another thing.
You can cut the fat, watch your weight, go easy on the eggs, be full of beans, or even eat more fruit. You can also take an ungodly amount of over the counter Supplements. All these things will help. Yet, then again you could just do what I do. I take Fruta Vida juice every day, and I now don't worry so much about the other stuff.

To Your Health and Wealth,
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