Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Night Blindness, "Is The Pits"

Night Blindness is not a disease. It's just a condiction. "Some people are quicker to adapt to light changes and darkness", than others are. People who are Nearsighted can also be slower at adapting to the dark, says Dr. Laties a professor of Ophthalmology at the Scheie Eye Institute of the University of Pennsylvania Medical School.
Unfortunately, doctors don't have a bag of ready cures for night blindness.
All I can offer is a few tips:
1. Make sure to get your vitamin A. It's an important nutrient to night vision.
2. Slow down and expect the unexpected.
3. Plan ahead and save your driving for day time hours, unless it's an emergency.
4. Respect rain and fog, and do what I do. I take a couple of ounces of Fruta Vida juice every day. I enjoy the best boost for my eyes health every day.

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