Wednesday, August 23, 2006

...Helping Others Through Depression...

What's the best thing to do if someone close to you gets depressed? Just "listen," more than anything they need your ear. If you know someone that you care about is depressed and hasn't said anything about it, go ahead and ask, "Do you feel depressed?" If they answer yes, then ask "When did you start feeling this way?" Because determing when a depression began often helps uncover the incident or events that might have caused it.
As your friend opens up to talk about his/her depression do your best not to trivialize the situation by saying "Oh, come on now, you have no reason to be depressed." Also don't offer easy solutions. It's better if the person finds they're own solutions, using you as a willing sounding board for ideas. Yet do try to keep your friend involved in physical activities, and interested in finding solutions.


1. Talk it out.
2. Search your memory for fun things to do together.
3. Even sitting down and having a good cry with your friend helps. Crying is a wonderful release - especially if your friend knows what he/she is crying about.
4. The best Nutritional tip is to take about 1000 milligrams of amino acid L-tyrosine in the morning on a empty stomach followed by a B-complex vitamin supplement about 30 minutes later with breakfast.
5. Also get your friend to eat a varity of fruit, and drink plenty of fruit juices along with plenty of filtered water.

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