Friday, August 04, 2006

...Heat Heat and More Heat...

Everyone knows how dangerous a heat wave can be, not only to our health, but our pocket books as well. So I decided to ask a few questions from a couple of ole timers on how to keep cool without shooting my electic bill even further through the roof than it already is. Well the best advise I got so far that really works is this...

Switch your ceiling fans to pull the air up instead of pushing all that hot air down. Get a couple of floor fans, but before turning them on take a few empty milk jugs and freeze water in them. Then place the frozen jugs of water behind your floor fans, and turn them on. Doing this there is no need to lower your AC temp. bringing your electic bill through the roof.

Doing this little trick now for a couple of months has worked very well. My electric bill has stayed the same and has even dropped a few cents.

Now if your power is out, that's different. The best I can offer is these few tips.
Open your windows.
Keep a wet cloth at hand.
Make little personal fans from stiff paper.
Wipe yourself down with wet cloth and use the little fans to wave air around you. This will cool your skin during the hottest part of the day.
Eat lite and drink plenty of water.
Eat a lot of room temperture water mellon and other fruits.
Also dress in lite, thin cotton clothing.

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