Monday, May 01, 2006

...Stressful Times...

Stress is on the rise. Is it any wonder? With tensions flying high about the war in Iraq, and the possible run in with Iran, rising gas prices, and the cost of living going way beyond the rise in pay stress is going out the roof. So lets ease the tension some. If not for yourself at least for your loved ones.

1. Work on your Attitude - The single most important point about stress is that in most cases it's not what's out there that's the problem, it's how you react to it. Stress can be just like a roller coaster ride if you let it.

2. Think Positive - When feeling uncertain think about past achievement. It will boost your confidence back up.

3. Take time to Breath deep - Each day do some Belly breathing. It's a useful trick to defeating anxiety and nervousness.

4. Eat lots of fruit and veggies - Raw is best, and drink fruit juices. Fruta Vida juice works best for stress. You don't need to drink a ton of it for it's healthy affects to kick in.

To Your Health and Wealth,
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