Friday, August 26, 2005

I'm Glad This Gadget Isn't Costing Me...

Well Pappy, so for your comment just may be right. I have had over 1400 showings of my Ad with the Adgizmo, and not one click thru. Yet if it is a scam Pappy at least it's not costing me anything. I do test alot of different advertising, and I usually give it a couple of weeks. I think I'll give Adgizmo another week and a half. If for nothing else it will make a really cool Ad testing tool. I went ahead and added another Ad. I want to see which one will pull more click thru's.

As for business, the infomercail for Fruta Vida will be airing very soon. I was promised the schedual no later than next week. All I've been hearing lately is how TV can boost your sells. I keep saying yes I know, I's the waiting thats driving me bonkers. To tell the truth though, I am having a hard time getting as excited over the business of Fruta Vida, than as I am over the juice itself. I love the juice, and I'm amazed that it actually works. I can not tell how many so called juices I have tried, that just do not work like they say it will. I spent hundreds of dollars trying different juices, and now that I have found one that works with a great and easy comp. plan to go with it, I'm to busy enjoying the life the juice returned to me to get to for into the business end of it all. You know that song, "I Love This Bar" well "I Love This Juice"

Well, another day and another time.

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