Monday, June 27, 2005

Eye Strain Anyone?

I have this problem with eye strain a lot. It comes from sitting in front of this computer screen everyday. You see those aren't just letters and numbers on your screen. They're also little tiny light bulbs that are sending light directly into your eyes. What I do is just turn the brightness down on my screen, and adjust the contrast to make up the difference. I also make it a point to blink often.I like to take advantage of my eyes own personal masseuse, the eye lids. Each blink cleanses your eyes, and gives them a tiny massage. "And it's free. I also take a supplement that helps keep my eyes healthy. I take an ounce of Fruta Vida juice in the mornings and in the afternoon. Yet don't forget the best thing to do for them. That is close them, rest your eyes from time to time. Like when your talking on the phone. People who practice this say their eyes really feel better, and it helps rid them of eye strain.
Not many think about the strain our eyes are under sitting in front of these Computers all the time. I not only wrote this because it is a problem I have had, but to bring it to your attention. Some people are not just aware that they are straining their eyes, and get headaches needlessly.

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