Monday, December 19, 2005

...Phobias and Fears...

You have Agoraphobics, you have Claustrophobics, and then you have Panophobics. Agoraphobics, of course, rarely go anywhere. They suffer a fear of being separated from safe persons and places, and some won't even leave their houses. Claustrophobics, on the other hand hate being confined, and then Panophobics fear everything.

There are these types - Simple phobias, social phobias, and agoraphobia. Simple phobia is dread of an object, place, or situation. Social phobias are people who avoid parties, large groups of people, or public situations period. They are afraid of doing something that would embarrass themselves.

Agoraphobics are victims of a complex phenomenon based on a fear of strange places. A few coping measures for you.

1. Try to reverse your negative thinking, change those scary thoughts on purpose into positive fearless thoughts.

2. Come face-to-face with fear. Avoiding your fear will prevent you from overcoming it.

3. Make sure you pat yoursef on the back when you have managed to function successfully with a level of fear. It's a big achievement.

4. Keep your body healthy also. Eat nutritional foods, and drink plenty of juices.

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