Wednesday, November 30, 2005

...Lose Weight Now...

It has been brought to my attention that a lot of people are struggling to lose weight. It seems as if no matter what they do they just can't do it. This is because people don't look at the nutritional value of the foods they eat. No matter how little you eat or how much, if everything you eat doesn't provide the right energy it takes to take the pounds off you just will not lose weight. You need a nutrition diet. This means no more junk food, or processed foods. Just give this a try, and then come back after a couple of months and let me know how well it worked for you.

1. Meat - broil or bake it don't fry it.
2. Veggies - frozen or fresh do Not boil them, only steam them, and without butter.
3. Eat fresh fruits and veggies for snacks. Raw ones not out of a can.
4. Drink teas and fruit juices. Green teas are your best. Fruta Vida juice also not only gives you green tea, but also fruit juice.
5. Drink at least 4 8oz. glasses of water a day, so your body doesn't think it's trying to die from thirst, and start retaining fluid.
6. Other snacks such as peanuts or mixed nuts are good between meals, and will help keep your cholestrol levels good while dieting.

I know this diet works, because I did this and lost 10 pounds in a month. The key is 5 oz.s of Fruta Vida juice a day. To get a bottle click the link below.

To Your Health and Wealth,
Staying Healthy_Staying Home_Making Money and so can you at

P.S. If you decide to try this diet, and would like to continue getting Fruta Vida juice just let me know and I will send you a url for just the retail site.


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