Wednesday, December 07, 2005

...Did You Know...

...........Little Known Facts and Idea's............
1. Did you know that live Cultures in yogurt will help fight infection and help you stay healthy.
2. Did you know that simple sunblock on the lips can prevent sun-induced cold sores from sprouting.
3. Did you know new research suggests that the Flu shots not only prevent in influenza viral infections, but if taken yearly by older adults, it can also power up the immune system so that it's just as potent as younger folks.
4. Did you know lying on your left side after a meal can prevent heartburn. The reasoning for this is that the stomach is lower when lying on your left side, and the stomach acid will pool and not go anywhere.
5. Did you know people who get high levels of vitamin C every day may live longer by reducing their heart disease risk.

I just thought I'd share these interesting tidbits....

To Your Health and Wealth,
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