Monday, December 05, 2005

...Belly Fat Busting...

Do you have a potbelly, that will shake like a bowl full of Jelly when you laugh? Does it persist despite round after round of gut-busting situps? Has it swelled to an even bigger size after a deprivation diet? Well don't despair, it's not as immovable as you think. Whats really weird is that men are more prone to develop a potbelly than women are. And while genetics and hormones do appear to play a role, there is evidence that everyday behaviors are also to blame for those potbellies.
This is the best Potbelly Busting plan I can find as of yet:

1. Lay off the beer. There really is such a thing as a beer belly, it seems. In a study of 1,628 men and women, those who drank two or more beers a day had the largest potbellies.
2. Exercise. I know who wants it right? Yet studies show that walking, gardening, digging in your garden, vigorous activity, and aerobic sustained activity will burn the fat off that potbelly.
3. Don't combine simple sugars with your fats in your diet when you eat. Like eating a burger and fries with a coke. The coke contains the simple sugars that releases a lot of insulin that open up fat storage cells, making them ready to store fat. Then here comes the burger and fries, and bingo the fat is stored.
4. After weight loss make sure you firm up them tummy muscles by doing some crunches, at least 30 a day.

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