Thursday, December 01, 2005

...Acid Reflux Disease...

Acid Reflux is when the contents of your stomach backs up into your esophagus. This liquid from your stomach is acid and the enzyme called pepsin, which breaks down the proteins in the stomach for digestion. This liquid can also contain bile that has backed up from the small intestine that is attached to the stomach. Yet before you go running to your Doctor, try this.

1. Use gravity. When lying down or going to bed sleep in a reclined position so the acid stays in your stomach not in your esophagus.
2. For your evening meal eat a smaller amount so the stomach isn't distended, and also eat a little earlier than you normally do. This may reduce the amount of reflux acid by the time you go to bed. The reason is because by the time you go to bed your smaller earlier meal should have digested already.
3. You should also avoid drinking alcohol, and caffeinated drinks late in the evening.
4. Last but least, lets face it. Antacids will become your # 1 mainstay of treatment for fast releif.

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