Monday, December 12, 2005

...Holiday Stress...

Holiday Stress is just like a roller coaster ride. We are all under stress but just reacting to it very differently: Bad Stress, Good Stress, and No Stress.
For the Bad Stress: Take a mental vacation: Visualize yourself lying on a beach in warm sand, somewhere in the Bahamas of course, a cool wind blowing in off the ocean, and the surf rolling in quietly in the back ground. Yet you could also recite a litany like: Theres no place I have to go at this moment in time. I have no gifts to buy at this moment in time. I have no relatives coming over at this moment in time...etc...
Now for the Good Stress: Have a blast and enjoy it, it doesn't seem to happen very often.
For the No Stress: It's time to worry. You need to do more things, live life a little.
To cover it all though is to just take a break, count to ten, rest some place quiet for awhile. Be sure to still eat right, and get proper nutrition into your body. Maybe just maybe after the holidays you wont feel like a left over pizza roll....

To Your Health and Wealth,
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