Sunday, November 20, 2005


What is that? Endometriosis in simple is the tissue that is supposed to line the inside of the uterus, and shed each month with the menstrual cycle. Actually what I just said is not endometriosis, but endometrial. Endometriosis is a painful uterine disease. This awful disease causes endometrial to grow outside the uterus on the ovaries, around the fallopian tubes, or across the ligaments that support the uterus. Where it lands, it weaves weblike scars as it anchors itself in your internal tissues. Then, like normal endometrial tissue, it swells and bleeds during menstruation, leaving a discharge that can't exit the body and that can cause inflammation and scarring.

A couple of natural things that will give you releaf are:

1. Eat more Fish. Add a natural antiprostaglandin to your diet with fish, advises Dr. Nezhat. Fish contains Omega-3 fatty acids which suppresses prostagladin production.

2. Drink Fruta Vida juice. It provides Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids, and will do the same as fish if not better.

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