Monday, November 28, 2005

...How About Another Blog?...

Hello my visitors. I am thinking of starting another blog. Only this new blog won't be a business or tip blog, but a blog where I will go and just blab about, " well " just about anything other than porn, or nasty content. I can leave comments open to anyone, so that my visitors can give their two bits about whatever I may be blabbing about, and I'll warn you, if I blab about what ever I'm thinking or have thought about or have heard something about can be and will be totally off the wall some times. At least thats what my Husband tells me anyway.
So please don't be shy. Tell me what you think. Should I or shouldn't I?

To Your Health and Wealth,

Staying Healthy_Staying Home_Making Money and so can you at

P.S....If and when I do a new blog I'll post it here....


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