Monday, November 14, 2005

...bluh bluh bluh...

Have you ever just felt like bluh! all day long. I know I do sometimes, and it's usually because I'm coming down with a cold. Yet I don't keep a cold for very long, only about a day or two. The reason is because a few years ago I was reading this article about over the counter cold medicines and how they affect you. I can't find the article now that I thought of it of though, but it told me that otc's usually just mask your symptoms for a few hours, and prolong your cold for days and days. So I quit taking all otc stuff and starting watching the nutritional value of the foods I ate. Being sure that I was getting enough nutrients from the foods I ate, and antioxidants from the juices I drank. To my suprise each year when cold season comes around I either don't get a cold, or if I do it only last a couple of days at most. I have sense learned that most of our health problems actually come from poor nutrition in our deits, and now my family is healthier than they have ever been. I'm hoping my children will stick to the habits of eating right, and taking care of their bodies, so they won't see all the health problems in their later years as we do today.

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