Sunday, October 30, 2005

...Thinking Happy...

I have noticed that people who think themselves happy are generally stress free people. These people find the good in everything. They very seldom have a negative thought, or outlook about anything. They keep things simple, like: with all this rain we're having today is really good for our Farmers crops, and will bring a sweet clean smell to the air. They don't say oh man! Now everything is going to be soggy and gross, and we can forget about our walk today thats for sure. These positive happy people also seem to stay pretty healthy to. They naturally do things for themselves to be healthy to. They walk, exercise, eat well, and they drink health juices. They wake-up thinking to themselves thats it's wonderful to be starting a new day. So starting today I will be doing this also. I like to feel good and healthy myself, so if being a positive happy person will help me do this, then I will. I will also drink my Fruta Vida juice, take my vitamins, walk, exercise, and eat well, and I hope you will to.

To Your Health and Wealth,
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