Monday, October 31, 2005

...Whats All The Fat About?...

Please: Give us a break...Everybody today seems to be kicking up a rant about how over weight people are. People are over weight due to all the processed food we eat today. Frozen diners, pizza, packaged lunches, fish, etc...For some reason I just can not beleave people are that ignorant. You want to lose weight, and regain your health? Easy...stop eating all this processed junk. Eat fresh garden veggies steamed not boiled, fresh fish broiled not fried, fresh meat not breaded and precooked, fresh fruit raw not cooked or canned, and drink Fruta Vida juice along with other juices. Our bodies need the nutrients that these foods give us for our bodies to function right. Processed foods lack these nutrients from the processes that they must go through to make life faster and more easier for us to live our fast paced lives. Yes I bet we are fat. Just take a good long look at the junk we are putting into our bodies.

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