Monday, October 17, 2005

...inflexible elbows or shoulders...

For the longest time I thought there wasn't a thing I could do about bum hips, stiff fingers, creaky elbows, sore and creaky back. I had resigned myself to thinking that it's just a part of aging. Then I started reading about some natural things that help restore all of the above---without any dangerous side effects at all. The best thing I found was Flexanol by Dr.Allen Spreen America's "Nutrition Physician!" Flexanol is one of the most effective, most cutting-edge natural alternatives for boosting joint health. It is a vertitable army of cartilage builders, and bone protectors that just can not be beat for now. So yes i know where to get or what to get if my nutritional program of Fruta Vida juice fails my joints. Flexanol, is the tops.

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