Wednesday, October 19, 2005

...Tired, Stressed, No Energy...

Have you ever just felt like...blah blah blah...All day long? I know I used to more often than not. It seems today we have such busy lives, that there is never enough energy for your body anymore. Then again it could be that we are no longer as healthy as we use to be. With todays fast pace we have deits that are not meeting our needs. Then again maybe it's the food we eat. Food on todays market just doesn't seem to contain enough nutrients to sustain our bodies anymore. So I went over to more natural foods. Foods that are garden fresh, not forced grown or ripened. Instead of the super market for meat, I go to the Butcher for fresh meat that is home grown not shipped in. I also try to buy fruit that is locally grown, and I grow my own garden. I plant veggies and mellons. I also have patches of blue berries and strawberries. I also drink a lot of juice high in vitamin C. I also drink a juice called Fruta Vida. This juice by itself has been the making of a major turn around for my family and I. It gives us an incredible burst of sustaining energy without the jitters, mental alertness and sharpness, releaves untold amounts of stress, and makes for a great nights sleep. But the most amazing thing I've noticed about Fruta Vida juice is that it has helped me get rid of unhealthy cravings for all that junk we are always stuffing our bodies with. I now crave actual fruits and veggies that I haven't craved in years. So if your like I was wondering where all your energy has gone. Stop doing so and take action to regain it. Change the foods you eat and drink Fruta Vida juice. Be healthy, it will pay to do so in the long run.

To Your Health and Wealth,
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Blogger Dana said...

Hi Mary. Thanks for coming over to my blog. I am going to have to visit yours more often too. thanks!

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