Thursday, September 01, 2005

This Is A Nightmare...

Here in Louisiana hurricane Katrinia has created one hugh nightmare. Between the living and the dead it only seems to be getting worse. Yes I have this little health blog here, and I find myself at a lost as to what to offer in advice for the health of the people in La., Miss., and Ala. As I live in La. I have had a chance to see the health condiction in New Orleans first hand. It is an absolute nightmare that is going to take a very long time to wake up from. I will not describe what I have seen in detail, just so I don't assult you by doing so. I do know this though if the living that are left in New Orleans are not relocated very soon there will be no need to do so. With the lack of drinking water, food, the hot temperatures, and the increasingly rising water, the decaying dead, snakes, gators, with the mix of sewer contamination these people don't stand much of a chance. In all my life I have never seen or heard about such destruction other than in time of War. Yes we are all pulling together, like a tight knitted sweater, to help and to rebuild. Yet that doesn't remove the fact that the effects of this nightmare will be felt accross the whole of the United States. Simply due to the fact that hurricane Katrinia took out one of our largest ports. We are already feeling minor rumbles as it is. It couldn't have been any worse if we had been targeted and bombed, as in War. I really don't think anyone has sat back and looked at the long term affects Katrinia is going to have on the whole of the United States, and when they do, the first thing that will come to mind is exactly what came to mine. OH! SH*T,%&(****). As I see it the USA is in a world of hurt over this one.

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