Monday, June 13, 2005

What Makes Me Tick

What is it that makes me tick? Testimonials make me tick. I get all fired up when I read a testimony from one or several of my Fruta Vida juice customers. I have never received any testimonials from other health related products, and business opportunities, I have marketed online. So when I get these testimonials from people who are drinking the juice and working the business it humbles me to think that something so small can do so much. I get fired up and run here to gush all about my pet business, and product.

Fruta Vida makes for a refreshing experience in that it's product really works. The business end is awesome in that you are given everything you need absolutely free to be up and running, minutes after buying just one bottle of juice. The incredible compensation plan allows you to make money just as fast.

How does Fruta Vida help people? Fruta Vida is improving peoples health in leaps and bounds, by giving them energy, helping them lose weight, lowering cholesterol levels, sharpening minds, lower blood sugar levels, helping them fight disease, and ect...ect...the list just keeps going on. Fruta Vida also helps by allowing you to earn Real Money without having to develop an enormous network of distributors!

For me Fruta Vida is just perfect all the way around. If you have any kind of like interest in improving your health while earning yourself some real good residual income, weekly and monthly. Then visit or .

If you would just like more info. then visit:

To Your Health and Wealth,


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