Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Traffic Is Healthy for Your Website

"When Do People Want To Be In Traffic"?

I Guess that all depends on where your at. If your sitting in your car or truck on the Interstate during rush hour. You would be wishing you could grow wings, and that you never had to deal with traffic again.
Now if your sitting in front of your computer on the Internet, and you have this wonderfully cool site you want seen, or your looking for customers and opportunity seekers. Then you are wishing to be in a healthy traffic flow, that makes your counters sing.
Yes. Finding that kind of traffic can be a little trying when there isn't enough hours in a day to earn the traffic you need by surfing ,and other time consuming medthods. "You think," how about email? Yet that is just to scary, with all those spam problems people have. Then your thinking. What could be the answer? The answer is easy, just do what I do to get traffic and sales. I blast Fruta Vida to 3 million plus opt-in email prospects daily. I use Mail Millions. To find out more just visit: Here you get all the leads and Marketing lists you need. Susport is 24/7 - no answering machines either.

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Staying Home_Staying Healthy_Making Money and so can you. or


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