Wednesday, December 13, 2006

...Flu Facts...

The most common question I hear is: How can you tell a cold from the Flu? It's not a riddle, but then again maybe it is. Although similarities exist between the two illnesses-and their treatment-they're caused by entirely different organisms. The worst part of a cold might last longer, but the flu generally causes more discomfort.
This is a comparison of common symptoms and the differences between them, depending on whether they are caused by a cold or the flu.

Headache. Rare with cold but common with flu.
Fever. With flu, it's common and comes on suddenly; with a cold , it's rare.
General aches. In flu, aches are usual and often severe; in a cold, they're slight.
Fatigue. Fatigue is extreme in flu and can last two to three weeks; a cold leaves you mildly fatigued.
Runny nose. Sometimes you'll have a runny nose with flu, but it's more common with a cold.
Sore throat. A sore throat sometimes accompanies flu; it's a common symptom of a cold.
Cough. It's common with flu and can become severe; a cold brings on a mild to moderate hacking cough.
Is there no escape? A big resounding No, when the flu's got you in it's clutches, you're down for the count.

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