Friday, December 01, 2006


At one time or another, all of us succumbs to the Common Cold. The youngest to the oldest, the sweetest, the smartest - our virtues seem to matter not. We are reduced to coughing, sneezing shadows of our former selves.
Worse yet Antibiotics don't work for these viruses like they do for bacterial infections. So we can only take a pill or two, and hope the symptoms will disappear in a week or so.
But there's actually more we can do to get through a cold.

1. Take Vitamin C - It works in the body as a scavenger picking up all sorts of trash including viruses.

2. Zap it with Zinc Lozenges - They can cut colds short.

3. Get extra rest and relax.

4. Load up on liquids - water, juices, tea, etc... They will help flush out impurities that may be preying on your system.

5. Sip a hot toddy before bedtime. Warm wine is your best bet for this.

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