Friday, November 10, 2006

...The Bugs Abound...

I think this is the start of the yearly sick bugs that flow around our public schools. My little Grand-daughter who in pre-K is in the ER as I write this. For a week now she has been fighting a bug that has her vomiting and very conjestant. The medicine she is taking already just don't seem to clear it up. She will probably be in the Hospital for a while on a drip...
So I am here to give some tips again:

1. Wash your hands as often as possible. Parents send wet one travel packs with your kids to school.
2. Eat plenty of fresh fruit and raw veggies.
3. Drink lots of fluids: juices, and filtered water
4. Eat three meals a day of an assortment of unprocessed foods.

To Your Health and Wealth,

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