Tuesday, April 11, 2006


Wow! I have been drinking Fruta Vida juice now for about a year due to various problems with my health that it helps, or has eliminated all together. I never would of thought about drinking it for a hangover...
Once you've had a hangover, it's something you never want again for sure. There's good evidence that the chief cause of hangover is acute withdrawal from alcohol. The cells in your brain physically change in response to the alcohol you consume and when your body's burned it up - you go through withdrawal until those cells get used to doing without it. Hence the hangover attack...
About the best way to deal with a hangover is to drink fruit juice "Fruta Vida works great" the sugar called fructose found in fruit juice will help the body burn the alcohol faster. With the headache being part of the hangover package it's also best to take some non-aspirin. Take B-complex vitamins with plenty of water. Alcohol causes dehydration of your body cells and drains the body of vitamin B. Eat a good meal, and drink coffee. Coffee will also help with the headache. Yet the best and only foolproof cure for a hangover is of course 24 hours. By then after a good night's sleep and your symptoms treated as best you can, all will be forgotten.

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