Tuesday, October 11, 2005

I'm Back, and We Made It...

Well it is true, there's no place like home. Being displaced for two and a half weeks due to hurricane Rita seems to be the only thing that I really have to suffer. I arrived home yesterday to a place that road out 110 mile an hour winds in a bubble. Only a few items were toppled over in the yard, yet my neighbor lost Her roof, and had downed trees in Her yard. It looks awful, and I hope we don't have another this year, I may not fare as well with a second one. We are under a boil the water, and we still can't burn any limbs and junk we gather out of the yard, and yes we are still under a curfew. Yet it is wonderful to be home, healthy and safe. I am going into town today, and visit friends who were not so lucky. So you all stay safe and healthy.

Until Next Time,
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