Thursday, October 13, 2005

...Are We There Yet...

I have never heard the phrase "Are We There Yet" more than when we were evacuating for hurricane Rita. We had seven people, and two dogs all crammed into one Dodge Derango pulling a trailer and boat. A trip that normally takes about three hours to take, took us more than eleven hours. We were able to track how for we moved by counting telephone poles, and every time we passed nine to ten poles I was asked are we there yet. The stress was high, I mean really high, and not just in our own car. During part of the trip people would get out of their cars and try to see when traffic was going to start moving again. Some were looking for a safe bush to releave themselves behind, and some were just having a party passing drinks and food from car to car. I have never seen anything like it, and hoped to never see it again. The destruction Rita did to Lake Charles is amazing in it self beings we are 100 miles or more away from the coast. I have lived along the coast most of my life and have never seen hurricanes as intense as Katrina and Rita. The stress of being faced with this monster they named Rita has been really bad. I know that if it hadn't been for Fruta Vida juice, I wouldn't have any hair left. Something like this makes you look at life in a whole new light, and makes you greatful for the good health you have, much less than all the other stuff you lose to such storms. It puts a whole new meaning to the saying don't fool with mother nature too. So take care of your health you never know when you may need it one day.

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