Wednesday, September 14, 2005

- - - The Killer - - -

" Influenza " this insidious virus might better be called the monster of a thousand faces. Although there are only just three main types ( influenza A, B, and C ) what makes it a monster is their unlimited ability to mutate into different forms. So while one strain gives you immunity from a bout of flu, it's mutant off spring can knock you low next. What's worse, if your counting on antibiotics for relief, you're out of luck. The flu is a viral infection, and antibiotics simply can't kill viruses. So what do you do? Suffer, and drink lots of fluids until it passes. Also be sure to stay home, the flu can pass to others like a wild fire out of control.
" So When does it become a killer?" When a strain pop's up that we have no effective vaccine to fight it with.
According to the U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention, located in Atlanta, Georgia, in a normal flu season, about 200,000 Americans are hospitalized, 38,000 of whom die from the disease. Most of those deaths occur among people older than 65; or average 98 out of every 100,000 seniors with the flu will die. This sounds like a nightmare in itself. I think our doctors deserve our respect at staying on top of a disease that could quickly become a major " high level epidemic."
For me and mine, we will keep drinking Fruta Vida juice, keeping our immune systems strong, and as healthy as possible. To learn more about preventing or building up your immune system agains't the flu, contact your doctor.

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BTW are you a doc too?
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