Friday, September 09, 2005

Wow! What A Storm...

Katrina, hit us like a woman scorned. The damage is just out right hugh. My heart goes out to my Louisianan people here that have lost everything. I pray every day that you have bigger and better coming very quick. I just can not seem to focus on a health tip tonight. I think I've gone brain dead or something. I think it's because I have been so busy in these last two weeks, with the after math of Katrina, that now that things are settling back down, and it's time to start rebuilding I'm just kind of like going duh...I found myself going around in a circle several times today, wondering exactly what it was I was going to do. It's like I have a ton of time now all of a sudden. Yet never fear I'll recover myself soon, and will fill the hours with my usual dittle-fiddle. I helped find and open the last shelter in our area, and now I'm at a loss as to what to do with myself. I guess thats why I'm writting about it here. It gives me something to do. I think I'll have some Fruta Vida juice and go to bed. It will help me sleep peacefully, and will clear my mind. I hope your day has been better than mine. I think I'm still a little shell shocked after losing a major part of the state I live in, and the scare of not hearing from or being able to contact love ones, then finding them safe is starting to set in. Good night and sleep tight.

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