Sunday, June 05, 2005

I Just Got To Tell You...

"About A Unique Opportunity"

Fruta Vida International empowers you to share their product and earn generous compensation.
You can get weekly and monthly income from a few hundred to many thousands of dollars. It will all depend on what your goals and dreams are.
With Fruta Vida International there is no fee to register as a distributor. Free websites are created for you automatically when you purchase just one bottle of Fruta Vida Juice @ the small price of just $39.95.
This makes sense in that, you are offering this product to the public. If you don't order the product or at least try it, how can you offer it to some one else. Another thing, this opportunity is an excellent residual income builder in that you don't need to develop an enormous network of distributors to be in profit. So if your ready and are interested in improving your health and wealth. Then don't dally away your time join Fruta Vida today right here: .

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